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Thoughts and prayers are with Decatur Police Officer injured in the line of duty

In the early morning hours on Saturday, a Decatur Police Officer suffered gunshot injuries (full details of the incident are below).  Our thoughts and prayers are with the officer for a full and speedy recovery, and we thank our Decatur Police Officers who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to keep us safe. 

An attempt to kill a police officer is a threat to everyone who values public safety, law and order, and a civilized society.  These heinous acts will not be tolerated and justice will be served.  Members of the Decatur Police Department are my friends, one is a former student, and an attack against them is an attack against all of us. 


It is a very difficult time to be a police officer.  In Decatur, crimes including sex offenses, assault offenses, and arson collectively increased 41% in 2021 compared to 2020 (n= 3,454 crimes vs. 2,452).  Shootings increased 6% in 2021 vs. 2020 (n=179 shootings vs. 169).  In the short-term, our police will continue to work tirelessly to both prevent and solve these crimes.  In the long-term, we as a city must work together to address the long-standing challenges that may lead to criminal activity.  If you see something, please say something.  There are anonymous ways to report crimes. 


At a time where crime is increasing, the number of police officers is decreasing.  Rather than being attacked physically and verbally, and being dehumanized, our officers should be thanked.  If the opportunity presents itself, please thank our police for their service. 


“On 1/8/22, at approximately 2:39 am, a Decatur Police Officer observed a vehicle commit multiple traffic violations in the area of Jasper/Clay. The officer attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle near 900 E. Clay, at which time the driver, and what is believed to be the sole occupant of the vehicle, fled on foot. The officer then began pursuing the suspect on foot. During the foot pursuit, the suspect fired one shot at the officer. The officer was struck and wounded by the gunfire. The officer was able to continue to provide information on the suspect’s location until additional officers arrived on scene. The officer did not discharge their weapon during this incident.

The injured officer was transported to a local hospital by another DPD officer. The officer was treated for injuries to their face and shoulder. The officer’s injuries are not considered serious at this time, and they were released from the hospital with further treatment required in the future.

This incident is yet again a harsh reminder of the danger police officers face on a daily basis as they work hard to make our community safe.

The suspect in this incident has not yet been identified and arrested. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Detective Division at 217- 424-2734 or Crimestoppers at 217-423-TIPS.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.” 

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