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Should Decatur add more electronic billboards?

The Decatur City Council will soon consider a proposal to allow two new electronic billboards.  The proposed locations of the billboards are at the SE corner of Mt. Zion Rd. and Maryland and the SW corner of the vacant triangle at Rt. 48 and West Grand.  The Mt. Zion Rd. billboard would be a 12 x 24 ft., two-sided sign.  The Rt. 48 billboard would be a 12 x 24 ft., three-sided sign.  From the ground to the base of the Rt. 48 billboard will be approximately 30 ft.  The Mt. Zion Rd. location is surrounded by commercial properties and at least three corners of the Rt. 48 location are surrounded by commercial properties. 

There are several benefits to additional electronic billboards including the City of Decatur being able to promote public events and have public service announcements placed on the billboards.  In addition, if the Rt. 48 billboard is approved, the city would be given ownership of the triangle property and receive $65,000 that could be used to create or enhance a park within the area that the billboard is located.  The main argument against the Rt. 48 billboard is that it is not consistent with the city’s neighborhood revitalization efforts and would detract from the ambience of the neighborhood. 

Further information about the proposed construction of these electronic billboards can be found at:

What do you think?  Do you have any objections to more electronic billboards in the city?  Feedback would be very helpful. 

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