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Decatur unemployment rate in July was 14%. Financial impact of COVID-19 pandemic to be discussed at study session on August 31.

Data released from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) shows that the unemployment rate in Decatur decreased from a revised 16.6% in June to 14.0% in July.  The unemployment rate was 4.6% in March and increased to 17.2% at its peak in April.  The city’s July unemployment rate is above the state’s unemployment rate of 11.3% and U.S. unemployment rate of 10.2%.  The number of employed individuals in Decatur increased 0.2% from a revised 26,549 in June to 26,593 in July, but has decreased 8.9% since February with 2,583 fewer employed individuals. 

The city continues to be experiencing among the lowest number of employed individuals in at least 45 years.  Using annual data from the IDES between 1974-2019, the number of employed individuals ranged from 40,932 in 1977 to 29,979 in 2019. 


Each month, the Economic and Community Development Department records the number of job listings in the Decatur area as reported by There were 1,385 job listings in the February report compared to 584 job listings in the July report, a decrease of 58% over a five-month period.  Job listings have been similar in March (n=522), April (n=590), May (n=588), and June (n=574).  With 4,323 unemployed individuals in Decatur in July, there are not enough jobs available for job seekers. 


On Monday, August 31 at 5:30 PM, the Decatur City Council will be having a study session to discuss the financial impact of the COVID 19-pandemic on the 2020 and 2021 budgets.  This study session was originally scheduled for August 10.  The background information for the August 31 study session excludes the 13 options for reducing expenses in 2021, including the closure of the city’s busiest fire station (at least temporarily) and reducing the number of sworn police officers, that were in the August 10 packet.  Instead, the city council will be asked whether the 2021 budget should be prepared with different levels of General Fund reductions.    

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON STUDY SESSION TOPICS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE - An agenda, explanation of each agenda item, and background information to the city council meeting can be found at:

CITIZENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS – If you would like to discuss the upcoming meeting or any other issue with a city council member, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each council member can be found at the following link:

CITIZENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND MEETINGS AND EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS – Citizens are allotted 3 minutes per person near the beginning of each city council meeting.  In addition, public comments limited to 3 minutes will be accepted at different times on the agenda as discussions proceed.  Meetings take place at the Theater located on the second floor of the Decatur Civic Center (1 Gary K. Anderson Place).  Free parking is available in the lot immediately south of the entrance. 

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