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David Horn voted yes on the DUI Enforcement Officer

The City of Decatur has a problem with individuals driving under the influence (DUI). We have seen two individuals under 21 involved in serious accidents resulting in fatality in recent months. Decatur is consistently in the top 5 for number of DUI arrests even though we are only the 13th most populous city in the state (based on the 2010 census estimate).

I support grant funding for a DUI Enforcement Officer because Decatur has a problem with individuals driving intoxicated. We have over 100 stores in which individuals can buy or consume alcohol in Decatur. It is sold and people can consume it in venues both large and small, as well as inside and outside.

My view differs from the city’s published rationale for accepting the grant in that it may overstate the number of impaired cannabis users relative to impaired alcohol users, particularly given that alcohol plays a more significant role in auto accidents. Data from the report “Impacts of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado” published by the Colorado Department of Public Safety in October 2018 may be predictive for Decatur. The report compares the number of citations issued for DUI by the Colorado State Patrol in 2014 (the first year of recreational cannabis stores) compared to 2017. Quoted below is one of the findings:

“The total number of DUI citations issued by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) decreased from 5,705 in 2014 to 4,849 in 2017. The prevalence of marijuana or marijuana-in-combination identified by Patrol officers as the impairing substance increased from 12% of all DUIs in 2014 to 15% in 2017.” In 2018 in Decatur, there were 389 DUI. Assuming after 4 years there is an equivalent decrease as Colorado experienced, the number of DUI arrests would decrease 15% to 331.

In summary, having an additional sworn police officer who spends 100% of their time on DUI enforcement is likely to improve public safety and I will be supportive of the grant.

Horn for Decatur
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