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David Horn is proud to be endorsed by the Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly

I am very honored to once again be endorsed by the Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly for re-election to the Decatur City Council.  The Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly represents 13,000 union members and retirees throughout Macon County and the work that members do is vital to our city.  Thank you to the members of the Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO, of Macon County for your endorsement and for the work you do everyday to make our community better.

For over 50 years, my grandfather was a member of what was then Bakery Confectionary Union Local 19 of Cleveland, Ohio and my grandparents met at a Bakers Union dance.  I have no doubt that the union job that my grandfather had played a significant role in providing for a middle-class lifestyle that ultimately afforded me the opportunities that I have today and has afforded the opportunity for a better life for millions of working families across the country. 

Horn for Decatur
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